Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chipotle makes Breakfast?!

How did I not know that Chipotle offers breakfast! So far, it's only being served in DC at the Dulles Airport. I'm not the biggest breakfast fan, but I am the biggest Chipotle fan!

I am a die hard burrito bowl fan and I have my perfect Chipotle combination that I am pretty much guaranteed to get every time- rice, peppers and onions, chicken, pico, corn salsa, salsa verde, cheese and sour cream. Yum! So... now I find out that Chipotle makes breakfast... and offers new options like chorizo, crispy herbed potatoes and eggs. The thing that I am the most excited about is this new spicy Jalapeno Onion salsa... seriously how good does that sound?

I think my routine burrito bowl might get a makeover once this new Chipotle breakfast finally makes its way to the area. Till then... does anyone need a ride to the Dulles airport? :)

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