Friday, February 12, 2010

Pinot Grigio (and Sarah and Diane) inspire me

I've been considering the idea of creating a blog for a while now. I use my Facebook account to post all sorts of links and photos and pretty much use it for things I would have loved to "blog" about. Anyone that really looks at my Facebook on a regular basis also knows my love of anything food related. I spend hours feeding my addiction to food blogging and am so inspired by the countless food blogs that I have been bookmarking recipes from.

I got to spend all day with two of my best friends, Diane and Sarah. After we made an awesome dinner tonight, the three of us sat around drinking wine and talking. Somehow we began talking about blogs. I know we are nerdy :) Anyhow I finally decided it was my time to start a blog of my own. The idea of the name is all Diane's idea, although her first suggestion was something along the lines of Kimbo Slice Fo' Sho'. I think A Slice Of Kim Pie suits me much better.. don't you think?

So here it is... the first of many posts to come.


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